The New World Series

Book Three: Inferno

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New World Inferno (New World, #3)

New World: Inferno

Coming Sept 12, 2017!

Worlds collide in the third and final installment of the gripping New World Series by Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Jennifer Wilson.


Returning to discover their home engulfed in the flames of Tribal war, Phoenix, Mouse and Triven find themselves facing the impossible. A civil war has consumed the city of Tartarus, but with The Wall coming down in sixteen days, they have been given the impossible task of uniting the Tribes to face Fandrin’s army. Can Phoenix unite the murderous clans she has spent her life evading or will they turn on her before the real battle has begun?

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Praise for the New World Series 

New World: Inferno Soundtrack

“Music has always been a big part of my life. It inspires me, makes me dance, makes me laugh, makes me cry. While listening to certain songs, I could vividly see Phoenix and her world come to life… These are some of the songs that inspired me.”

-Jennifer Wilson

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